Warm Rain

Warm Rain is an extension of my project Venezuelan Youth. In this second chapter of the project, the process of photographing the work was rather different. Three families took part and collaborated with me by allowing me into their homes, to work intimately with them. These families wake up to different realities, however, they are all affected by the current situation in Venezuela.

The Melean’s, a hard-working family where the children follow their dreams. Estefferson the oldest is living in Chicago studying with his 100 % scholarship. Sarai, paused her studies as the cost was too high to cover. Gerson, is training twice a day as he is hoping to be signed by a Baseball Leage. The mother Yesenia shared her hopes for her children to succeed in Venezuela or another country.

A privileged family of five kept their identity anonymous for safety purposes, the youngest girl took part in the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant. While her siblings left the country for better opportunities. The parents have hope for Venezuela, however, they worry about the future as the inflation is worsening, the severe lack of basic goods and the medical care unreliable.

Finally, the Fermin Reyes family of 11 children, who have lacked food and medicine for a few years. Allowing them to have breakfast, but often miss out on lunch and dinner. The youngest Carmen and Carlos, both smart with hope for their futures. Felix, a boy who carries a passion for art practices. Wanda, a 17-year-old girl who was 7 months pregnant when I met her, as a consequence of being raped by a neighbour. She has now given birth to twin girls who she loves, lastly, Abraham the oldest son living at the house travels often as he joined the military. The last day I spent with them, we traveled to the beach, and It seemed as they escaped their harsh reality for a moment.