Alex Stapleton - Magnum Photos

I was lucky enough to be present at a talk where Alex Stapleton spoke about her practice along with her role in Magnum photos. Followed by a portfolio review, at the time I have only started to work on my project about Venezuelan women. When Alex and I discussed my work she suggested ideas that I could incorporate with my portraits, which made my think about different aspects that my work could undertake.

Besides discussing my work, Alex spoke about a book she created in her final year at university. It was a piece of work around the theme of archives which I am familiarized with as last year I was working with archives for my photo book. It was inspiring to see someone that came from where we are right now working in such an influencial organisation.

Thank you Alex for your help, hope to see you soon. 


Wolfgang Tillmans. London 2017

During my stay in London I made my way into Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition in Tate modern. I was familiarised with his work before I went but I was shocked with the work displayed. The exhibition was very big, a compilation of Tillmans work since 2003. It was a variety of very small images next to photographs printed as big as the wall they were hung on, some images were shocking and beautiful. I extremely recommend visiting it while is open to the public, it was eye opening how so many different images can be part of the same exhibition relating with each other. It was definitaly an inspiration for my upcoming exhibition in June 9th, in terms of what's possible and what is successful right now.

Thank you for reading amazing people <3


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Colour and Books, Sebastiaan Hanekroot

I have been extremely bad at keeping up with my blog but I'm doing my best! A few weeks back we had Sebastiaan Hanekroot come to do a printing workshop. Sebastiaan has printed many successful photo books, the way he manipulates the images for the books are always clean and brought to their best version. For the workshop  he asked us to bring an image to work on. During the day he gave us insight on how he manipulates files in Lightroom to bring out the best version of the photographs. At the end of the session I was completely shocked on how much I over did my images, after looking at the ending result I realised that my images were too bright. I learned from Sebastiaan that day and I'm very greatfull. 

Also Sebastiaan brought many books he has worked on with him for us to interact with and one of them caught my attention which made me buy the book. My last day at seventeen by Doug DuBois, worth having a look. 

Check out his website and the work he has made.



Lens Culture Portrait Awards.

Hello there!

I decided to submit my ongoing project "Nosotras" for the Lens Culture Portrait Awards this year. I will keep you updated it with the results, let's hope it gets shortlisted or if I am lucky enough to win the competition! 

Fingers crossed!


Jack Latham

I had the opportunity to be present at an online talk with Jack Latham about 3 weeks ago. Jack is a photographer based in Brighton, he won the Bar-Tur Photobook Award, for his project Sugar Paper Theories. This book has created an impact in my practice as a photographer, it has inspired me on my ongoing project on the way that the book was made. Especially which papers were used to print the images into, the quality of the images captured with his large format camera and the story behind the book itself. The theme that he explores in the book is a murder that took place in Iceland, involving murder confessions by two people who did not have a memory of.  An extraordinary piece of work, which I couldn't help not to purchase. I am certain that I manage to buy one of the last copies.  

Hopefully the second edition is available soon.

Thank you for reading! 


Photographing the Launch of Format International Photography Festival 2017

This Thursday the 23rd of march I had the pleasure to photograph the Launch of FORMAT International Photography Festival 2017. Great experience and I was fascinated by the amazing work displayed in the spaces of the unique Derby. I completely recommend visiting the exhibition to look at the work and get inspired. 

Here is the link for the images

Enjoy ✨

#formatfestival #launchformatfestival #formatfestival2017 

Assisting Seba Kurtis

The Discursive Documents gallery curated by Liam Devlin is open to the public in Huddersfield's art gallery. It's worth going as it's displaying an incredible range of practicioners exhibiting extraordinary work around different themes. I had the honor to assist Seba Kurtis on the hanging process for the exhibition. Also helping on how the prints should be allocated in the walls, taking into consideration colour, size, meaning and working around the space regulations.

Seba is a big inspiration in my practice as a photographer, I find his work challenging and extraordinary. The way he work with his photographs, the subjects that he captures and also how he interacts with them physically. I consider this processes unique which makes me follow his work and explore it in more depth. His work centres around the theme of immigration, and the photographs displayed in the exhibition are part of a number of his projects. The exhibition is open until the 6th of May. 

Gracias Seba!!!!! 

Check out his work 


First time using Medium Format

To be honest with everyone here I was very scared about using a medium format camera, it sounded too serious and I was used to always shoot with digital and sometimes 35 mm. Also, don't forget the cost of 120 film and I only got 12 shots with the YASHICA 6x6 I began using for the first time. But don't let me scare you, what I have learned and realized that the feeling and look that is obtained by using film is unique and I feel in love with it. Furthermore, shooting on film it completely changed my practice as a photographer, especially medium format as the images are more considered as it takes time to calculate the light, compose the image and remember that you only have 12 shots. But again, I am in love with film, with the process, the look and how you don't get your results right away. 

I will attach some of my first shots on medium format, while I was doing a fashion shoot with Ursula and Paige (one of the stylists I work with check her blog I also shot some slides. 

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THANK YOU for reading.



Reviving film photography in my practice


I haven't been really good at keeping up with my blog as it's evident but I will catch up and share some of the things I lived over the past few months. In this post I have to thank my best friend Alexander Torres who has always taught me what he knows, give him a follow on Instagram (@athorx_creative). In the summer of 2016 I visited Alex in Vancouver for a few days. I bought myself a Pentax Asahi and I started shooting with different rolls of film and I loved it! I shot with Kodak Ektar, Tmax, and Provia. My favorite from all of them was Ektar, I loved Provia but as it was positive film it was less flexible.

I had a few days to walk around the city of Vancouver alone and see the life around me, I experimented and shot what I saw, mainly people and things that seemed interesting. Being inspired by William Eggleston. 

Here are some of the images from the trip. ENJOY!!!! 


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Working with Edymar Martinez

As many of you don't know im from Caracas, Venezuela. In my culture beauty contests play a big role as part of our community and I had the luck to meet some of the contestants from last year. I planned a shoot in one of the beautiful beaches of my country, Majagua. I arranged the make up artist and of course the model, Edymar Martinez, Miss International 2015. 

The final results are published in the Fashion tab in the Gallery section. Under this link

Here is a shoot from behind the scenes. 


Well this is the start of my blog, I thought it would be cool to show and share what I do in more depth. I hope you guys enjoy it.

So you know my face :)  Photography: Thomas J Duffield. Check his work

So you know my face :)

Photography: Thomas J Duffield. Check his work