William Eggleston

In this blog post I would like to share my appreciation of William Eggleston's work, he has been a major influence in the photography world and also has brought a change into my practice as a photographer. After exploring his work intensively in my dissertation I wanted to share his work with you. As it might be influential for any of you in your career. 

For many photographers, William Eggleston is one of the pioneers in colour photography, during the time he was developing as a photographer, documentary photography was only accepted in black and white. Colour was only used for commercial purposes, therefore as Eggleston is a rebel he decided to photograph the everyday in colour. This created a shock when his work was exhibited at MOMA in 1976, making his photographs be one of the few that inspired the public to accept colour photography to communicate serious matters.

His way of working is very unique, Eggleston strives through his life photographing what he sees, along with the saturated colours that stand out in his images. Colour plays a major part in his practice, as if it was a character in his photographs. Specifically in one photograph from his archive where there is a girl sat in the backseat of car, the golden light coming through the window immerses a an idea of innocence. An angelic portrait of this young girl captured by Eggleston. 

I had the pleasure to visit the National Portrait Gallery a few months ago in London, and see Eggleston's work exhibited. I was submerged in the beautiful prints with the voluptuous colours in it. Which inspired me to explore his work in more depth, which I do not regret. 

Thank you for reading  

Here I attach a documentary that I found online about his practice.