Colour and Books, Sebastiaan Hanekroot

I have been extremely bad at keeping up with my blog but I'm doing my best! A few weeks back we had Sebastiaan Hanekroot come to do a printing workshop. Sebastiaan has printed many successful photo books, the way he manipulates the images for the books are always clean and brought to their best version. For the workshop  he asked us to bring an image to work on. During the day he gave us insight on how he manipulates files in Lightroom to bring out the best version of the photographs. At the end of the session I was completely shocked on how much I over did my images, after looking at the ending result I realised that my images were too bright. I learned from Sebastiaan that day and I'm very greatfull. 

Also Sebastiaan brought many books he has worked on with him for us to interact with and one of them caught my attention which made me buy the book. My last day at seventeen by Doug DuBois, worth having a look. 

Check out his website and the work he has made.