Assisting Seba Kurtis

The Discursive Documents gallery curated by Liam Devlin is open to the public in Huddersfield's art gallery. It's worth going as it's displaying an incredible range of practicioners exhibiting extraordinary work around different themes. I had the honor to assist Seba Kurtis on the hanging process for the exhibition. Also helping on how the prints should be allocated in the walls, taking into consideration colour, size, meaning and working around the space regulations.

Seba is a big inspiration in my practice as a photographer, I find his work challenging and extraordinary. The way he work with his photographs, the subjects that he captures and also how he interacts with them physically. I consider this processes unique which makes me follow his work and explore it in more depth. His work centres around the theme of immigration, and the photographs displayed in the exhibition are part of a number of his projects. The exhibition is open until the 6th of May. 

Gracias Seba!!!!! 

Check out his work