First time using Medium Format

To be honest with everyone here I was very scared about using a medium format camera, it sounded too serious and I was used to always shoot with digital and sometimes 35 mm. Also, don't forget the cost of 120 film and I only got 12 shots with the YASHICA 6x6 I began using for the first time. But don't let me scare you, what I have learned and realized that the feeling and look that is obtained by using film is unique and I feel in love with it. Furthermore, shooting on film it completely changed my practice as a photographer, especially medium format as the images are more considered as it takes time to calculate the light, compose the image and remember that you only have 12 shots. But again, I am in love with film, with the process, the look and how you don't get your results right away. 

I will attach some of my first shots on medium format, while I was doing a fashion shoot with Ursula and Paige (one of the stylists I work with check her blog I also shot some slides. 

(Please click on the image to see the next one)

THANK YOU for reading.