Reviving film photography in my practice


I haven't been really good at keeping up with my blog as it's evident but I will catch up and share some of the things I lived over the past few months. In this post I have to thank my best friend Alexander Torres who has always taught me what he knows, give him a follow on Instagram (@athorx_creative). In the summer of 2016 I visited Alex in Vancouver for a few days. I bought myself a Pentax Asahi and I started shooting with different rolls of film and I loved it! I shot with Kodak Ektar, Tmax, and Provia. My favorite from all of them was Ektar, I loved Provia but as it was positive film it was less flexible.

I had a few days to walk around the city of Vancouver alone and see the life around me, I experimented and shot what I saw, mainly people and things that seemed interesting. Being inspired by William Eggleston. 

Here are some of the images from the trip. ENJOY!!!! 


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