The Pingyao International Photography Festival 2017

This past September I was part of The Pingyao International Photography Festival 2017 show in China, along with a number of talented artists based in the UK. It was a pleasure to be part of this exhibition, here there are some shots of the opening.

Special thanks to Sian Bonnell.

Thank you Joseph Briggs for the images


Extremely happy with the result of the Royal Photographic Society exhibition, it has been an honour to be part of the exhibtion. Special thanks to Sally Smart and the RPS team that made everything possible, I will be sharing about the upcoming exhibitions around the country. 

Here I share some images of the opening night and I hope you enjoy it. 

Best Portfolio Award

I am extremely happy to announce that I won the bronze medal for the Best Portfolio Award at the OffSpring Photomeet event, after meeting a number of very influential people in the industry I was announced to be part of this award. I will be exhibiting my work along two excellent artists at ThePrintSpace this November. Opening night will take place on November 30th. 

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Pieter Hugo - 1994

During my time in Format Festival I visited the photo book fair, I saw amazing books and meet extraordinary artists. I decided to treat myself with Pieter Hugo's book 1994, filled with beautiful portraits which I love more and more. I have always admired him, and I have seen his work from 1994 online but after I looked at them printed it inspired me even more. 

Alec Soth - Niagara

Here I am sharing Alec Soth's book titled Niagara, this photo book has been one of the most inspiring for me in my practice. I had the pleasure to see his work exhibited in Bradford last year and the portraits are breathtaking, I enjoy appreciating them, how beautifully made they are and the way it allows me to look at the person in them. 

I hope this book inspires any of you in any way. 

Printing photobook

Today I spent all day printing the final books about my project "Nosotras", I am so happy with the final result. I used Grey recycle paper to give a bit of a newspaper feel, but the images still look sharp and neat. I am hoping to create more copies in the future!

Fresh Aire

I have been lucky enough to have my work featured in Fresh Aire's website, along other many talented young artists. There will be an exhibition taking place on June 1st in Village bookstore at Leeds city centre, displaying a selection of works from young talent around Yorkshire. 

Also, I am excited to share the leaflet from the event with one of the portraits from my project "Nosotras" 

Here I leave the link with my feature.

La Media News

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by La Media News, a platform in Australia directed to the Latin community. Feel free to check the interview out in their website, I talked about my practice, the APHE award and my current project in Venezuela. I am afraid it's written in Spanish, sorry for english speakers, but why not practise your Spanish? 

Thank your reading and enjoy it!  

Here is the link for you.



William Eggleston

In this blog post I would like to share my appreciation of William Eggleston's work, he has been a major influence in the photography world and also has brought a change into my practice as a photographer. After exploring his work intensively in my dissertation I wanted to share his work with you. As it might be influential for any of you in your career. 

For many photographers, William Eggleston is one of the pioneers in colour photography, during the time he was developing as a photographer, documentary photography was only accepted in black and white. Colour was only used for commercial purposes, therefore as Eggleston is a rebel he decided to photograph the everyday in colour. This created a shock when his work was exhibited at MOMA in 1976, making his photographs be one of the few that inspired the public to accept colour photography to communicate serious matters.

His way of working is very unique, Eggleston strives through his life photographing what he sees, along with the saturated colours that stand out in his images. Colour plays a major part in his practice, as if it was a character in his photographs. Specifically in one photograph from his archive where there is a girl sat in the backseat of car, the golden light coming through the window immerses a an idea of innocence. An angelic portrait of this young girl captured by Eggleston. 

I had the pleasure to visit the National Portrait Gallery a few months ago in London, and see Eggleston's work exhibited. I was submerged in the beautiful prints with the voluptuous colours in it. Which inspired me to explore his work in more depth, which I do not regret. 

Thank you for reading  

Here I attach a documentary that I found online about his practice.



A few weeks ago I traveled to the beautiful city of London to work with a number of models. I had the pleasure to shoot with models from Premier Models, Lenis Models and Storm Models. 

All the images are on the website in the sections of Location and Studio.  

Pupil Sphere

Last month we had the founder of Pupil Sphere come and talk about the process of creating the platform, tips and some insight about social media. The aim of Pupil Sphere is to support students, as it is usually a challenging road when graduating for photographers. The platform wants to help students get noticed and showcase their work without any cost.

Some insight that was mentioned during the talk was that Twitter is considered by many artists one of the most serious social media outlets to share work, which I agree. Also, Instagram seems to be one successful app to share work. 

Excellent tips and knowledge. 
Thank you Pupil Sphere.


My last day at seventeen

Hello there, in this blog post I want to share a book that I purchased last month. During the talk with Sebastiaan Hanekroot, he was kind enough to bring a number of books he had worked on. The selection was incredible and there were many books that were breathtaking, one that stood out for me was "My last days at seventeen" by Doug Dubois. Published by Aperture which made the price of the book accessible to me. The book portrays the youth of a town in Ireland, a recollection of portraits, still life and a couple of illustrations by Patrick Lynch throughout the book. 

The detail in the portraits is incredible, they were shot in large format, therefore the images are impeccable. The images are strong technically but also each photograph has a story, along with the booklets inside the book filled with illustrations or sequences of images that bring more to the book. 

Worth buying this book, the hard work and detail is evident.

Interim Show

A few weeks ago we had an interim show at out university, I wasn't sure about how many images I should have printed but at the end, I went for only one big print. I decided to print a 60x60 image in Semigloss paper, I was happy about the way it looked but as I didn't test print prior the final image, the colours weren't right. The photograph had a green tone and also needed to be brighter. Additionally, I decided to add a small print of a cut out of an aerial shot from my city of Caracas, which part of my photo book that I am producing besides the exhibition. Now I know for the final exhibition what to improve and test print for sure. 


Contributor Magazine - Just for now

I am so happy to share the fashion story I created with an excellent team in Venezuela. The images were taking in the city of Caracas in my home country Venezuela, with again an amazing team of creatives that love art and to create as much as I do. 

I hope you enjoy it.


Styling: Daniela Benaim and Andrea Di Marco
Models: America Gonzalez, Amanda Brizolla, Veronica Izaguirre and Ana Graciela
Make up: Shaul Rivas and Richard Ujueta
Art direction: Daniela Benaim and Luis Zambrano

Alex Stapleton - Magnum Photos

I was lucky enough to be present at a talk where Alex Stapleton spoke about her practice along with her role in Magnum photos. Followed by a portfolio review, at the time I have only started to work on my project about Venezuelan women. When Alex and I discussed my work she suggested ideas that I could incorporate with my portraits, which made my think about different aspects that my work could undertake.

Besides discussing my work, Alex spoke about a book she created in her final year at university. It was a piece of work around the theme of archives which I am familiarized with as last year I was working with archives for my photo book. It was inspiring to see someone that came from where we are right now working in such an influencial organisation.

Thank you Alex for your help, hope to see you soon. 


Wolfgang Tillmans. London 2017

During my stay in London I made my way into Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition in Tate modern. I was familiarised with his work before I went but I was shocked with the work displayed. The exhibition was very big, a compilation of Tillmans work since 2003. It was a variety of very small images next to photographs printed as big as the wall they were hung on, some images were shocking and beautiful. I extremely recommend visiting it while is open to the public, it was eye opening how so many different images can be part of the same exhibition relating with each other. It was definitaly an inspiration for my upcoming exhibition in June 9th, in terms of what's possible and what is successful right now.

Thank you for reading amazing people <3


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Colour and Books, Sebastiaan Hanekroot

I have been extremely bad at keeping up with my blog but I'm doing my best! A few weeks back we had Sebastiaan Hanekroot come to do a printing workshop. Sebastiaan has printed many successful photo books, the way he manipulates the images for the books are always clean and brought to their best version. For the workshop  he asked us to bring an image to work on. During the day he gave us insight on how he manipulates files in Lightroom to bring out the best version of the photographs. At the end of the session I was completely shocked on how much I over did my images, after looking at the ending result I realised that my images were too bright. I learned from Sebastiaan that day and I'm very greatfull. 

Also Sebastiaan brought many books he has worked on with him for us to interact with and one of them caught my attention which made me buy the book. My last day at seventeen by Doug DuBois, worth having a look. 

Check out his website and the work he has made.